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Placing Kids First

No-cost, confidential assessments are available 24/7.
Mountain Youth Academy is a residential treatment facility for youth 5–17 years old, specializing in the treatment of childhood trauma.
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Residential Treatment

At Mountain Youth Academy, we use a trauma-based residential treatment program to address the mental health needs of children and teens. We offer a therapeutic setting to help youth address their mental health needs.

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Therapy Services

Mountain Youth Academy utilizes a number of therapies to serve our students’ unique needs. Among these include Equine Therapy, Yoga Therapy and more.

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Mountain Youth Academy operates a licensed Category I non-public school through the State Board of Education so that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential.


Mountain Youth Academy offers individualized planning and cutting-edge technology in the treatment of girls and boys ages 5–17 at our facility in the rolling hills of Tennessee, only 13 miles from the Virginia border. We are a trauma-based treatment facility treating at-risk youth with an IQ of 65 or above. We offer a therapeutic setting in a secure facility to help children and teens address their mental health needs. We also have specific treatment programs for those with intellectual disabilities. Our treatment programs utilize adolescent and child therapy in both individual and group settings as well as other treatment methods to address each individual’s mental health needs.

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In addition to our residential treatment program and educational curriculum, Mountain Youth Academy offers a few specialty programs, including neurofeedback therapy and treatment for substance use disorders.

Neurofeedback addresses numerous problems of brain dysregulation and is also useful for organic brain conditions such as seizures, the autism spectrum and cerebral palsy.

We also offer treatment to youth patients struggling with substance use disorder or co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders.

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Patient Stories

KidLink Treatment Services

This New Year, the KidLink Treatment Services Tennessee facilities will introduce a new process for referrals and admissions. Effective January, 1, 2021, all patient referrals to the following KidLink Tennessee facilities should be sent directly to their respective facility for review, rather than to the KidLink Treatment Services call center. This includes Cedar Grove, Hermitage Hall, Mountain Youth Academy, Natchez Trace Youth Academy, and Oak Plains Academy.

Please see the below Admissions Information for each of the KidLink Tennessee locations:

Cedar Grove:

Donnie Hitchcock, Director of Admissions
(o) 615-895-9590 ext. 104
(f) 615-895-9592
[email protected]

Hermitage Hall:

Richard Miller, Interim Director of Admissions
(o) 615-250-2360
(f) 615-250-2388
[email protected]

Mountain Youth Academy:

Betty Villarreal, Director of Admissions and Susan Osborne, Admissions Coordinator
(o) 423-727-3230
(f) 423-727-9899
[email protected]
[email protected]

Natchez Trace Youth Academy:

Jessica Harrison, Director of Admissions and Sabrina Wyatt, Admissions Coordinator
(o) 931-296-1183 ext. 1065 or ext. 1057
(f) 931-296-5414
[email protected]
[email protected]

Oak Plains Academy:

(o) 931-362-2008 ext. 208
(f) 931-362-2816
[email protected]

For questions, please contact Madonna R. Breece, Regional Director of Business Development
[email protected]

Patient Satisfaction

We value the opinions of our patients and constantly ask for their feedback. We take pride in their positive opinions and continue to seek new ways to improve the patient experience. At the time of discharge, patients rate many of our service and these scores represent a selection of those results:


Mountain Youth Academy

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