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Patient Stories

"I truly believe MYA is “Where kids come first"

You are the highest in the organization we have met so far, and I wanted to take a minute to let you and the executive team know how much we appreciate MYA and what it is doing. As bad as things were here at home, after utilizing every resource we had available to us, it was still a very difficult and frightening experience to drop off an 11-year-old five hours from home not knowing exactly who or what MYA was.

First, I want to say that every interaction we have had with anyone at MYA has been very respectful, professional and understanding — from the front desk to the nurses, his teacher, counselor and any staff we have happened to meet. I personally have no idea how you all do it with a smile on your faces. I truly believe MYA is “Where kids come first,” and I tear up just thinking about when he is so excited to tell me he had a “celebration” or what he received for Easter. This boy has been through a nightmare of abuse, and exposed to things no young boy should see or hear. However, it is evident that progress is being made. The high number of holds in the beginning and how they have tailed off, the way he talks and interacts with us and more is all a testament to what you and your team are doing. We had our first Day Pass a few weeks ago, I was hesitant and anxious about this experience because I didn’t know how he would react to being outside of MYA. There were plenty of opportunities for him to make the wrong choice that day but he made NONE. All I can say is is that the time with him was the first time I can remember being around him was a joy. He was so loving and respectful.

– Patient’s Guardian